allergies kill
But not on your watch!
With our live allergen menus and allergen training, we've got you covered.
If you are not convinced, this is how serious allergens are:
50% increase
In food allergy in the past decade
4bn people
Will suffer from allergies in 2050
700% rise
In hospitalizations due to anaphylaxis
1 in 4 people
Surveyed said they or a relative had a reaction eating out.
How are we going to sort you out?
An e-waiter that provides
instant allergen information
Targeted allergen
training for your staff
Restaurants solutions e-waiter

This is a low-cost widget, that once installed on your website provides instant menu discovery. Like any waiter customers can ask questions like: “What are the peanut-free dishes” or “What is your best wine for steak”.

Chatbots requires no coding, no website modifications, are mobile friendly and can be turned off in seconds.
Menu explorer
Provides a visual demonstration of the menu, and enables finding what dishes are suitable, based on the guest's dietary preferences or needs.
In 10 seconds guests can find all allergen-free dishes.
Get people excited about their wine experience with the online sommelier tool.
E-waiter advantages
Instantly customized to your brand.
Increase SEO redirecting bookings to your website.
Effortless installation: 0 coding required.
Can be used by the staff when booking.
Restaurant solutions allergen training

This is a fun, interactive and fast cloud-based quiz that will test your waiters on your menu.

The tool is fully automated and only requires you to send your latest allergen matrix.

Manager changes warning when uploading a new allergen matrix
Weekly leader board and all-time leader board
15 questions based on a weighting algorithm (dish popularity, error rate, etc.)
From £4 per staff member
Made by trade for the trade
Hello! My name is Julien. I’m looking forward to helping you offer better-suited wines to your clients, don't hesitate to connect if you need any help. Over my career, I noticed that unguided clients always end-up on the cheap end of the wine list. Wine Picker gives them to confidence to spend more on better bottles.
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